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Linux Teamspeak 3 Server Setup

PostPosted: 2019 Feb 09, 11:06
by serveroffer
Minimal server requirements: 512MB RAM, 1 vCPU
Operating system: Centos 7 64-bit

Install necessary programs:
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yum install -y nano

Create dedicated user for Teamspeak server
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adduser ts3server

Login as newly created user:
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su ts3server

Enter server directory:
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cd /home/ts3server

Download server files:
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Extract server files:
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tar xvf teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-3.6.1.tar.bz2

Enter server files directory and m
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cd teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64

Move files to the main user directory:
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mv * /home/ts3server

Get back to the main directory:
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cd ..

Accept Teamspeak server license:
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touch .ts3server_license_accepted

First time server start:
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Copy printed server Token and use it to get Administrator privileges on the server

In order to stop server use combination:

Optional - Automatic server startup

exit ts3server user:
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Create file as root:
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nano /lib/systemd/system/teamspeak.service

Paste code to the file startup:
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Description=TeamSpeak 3 Server
ExecStart=/home/ts3server/ start inifile=ts3server.ini
ExecStop=/home/ts3server/ stop

Enable Teamspeak startup on the system:
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systemctl enable teamspeak.service
systemctl start teamspeak.service

Check status of the server:
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service teamspeak status


Re: Linux Teamspeak 3 Server Setup

PostPosted: 2019 Sep 18, 10:12
by tophostcoupon
Thank you so much!