DARKMU Season 6 Ep3 [Exp x50 - Drop 15%] GRAND OPENING 03/25

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DARKMU Season 6 Ep3 [Exp x50 - Drop 15%] GRAND OPENING 03/25

Postby bugeris159 » 2023 Mar 23, 15:29

Hello MuOnline players.

Why DarkMu?

We have alot of features like quests system, new events, balanced PVP, custom jewels, and most important, the newbies catch up system.

What is newbie catch up system?

We want to balance players who are always on top, and the ones who are trying to catch up, to make server more PVP based, instead of endless grinding of resets.

How is it PVP based?

Server has limited resets untill some amount of players reach it, then they participate in castle siege, wars, events and invasions, then we increase resets limit by little, only then new sets, features, and new areas unlock as well.

Will there be any in game purchases? How donators benefit?

We sell only VIP, and items that don't affect fair play to anyone, we want to keep the balance of players who donate, and the ones who grind.

Can we get VIP status by playing the game?

Yes, by entering events, killing bosses, and making quests you can earn WCoins to buy VIP, or exp boosts and pets.

Why we chose this type of server?

We went in a different direction, because some players are tired of grinding 24/7 or searching for servers with offattack systems so they can grind while not even playing the game themselves, Mu online's goal is simple:
get max resets, get the best gear and go into battle with other players, by limiting resets and certain features or items we can make it a fun place to play for anyone! By doing so we can have more options and oportunities in the game, that we plan to launch soon which is PVP ranking system.

How PVP ranking system works?

By participating in PVP events, castle siege and custom arena event, you gain ELO points that gives you highrer rank amongst other players. So show off your skills in Dark-Mu PVP Ranking system!

More information about rates & etc.




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