Mythical MU Season 6

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Mythical MU Season 6

Postby cobikmontero » 2023 Jul 03, 12:08

Mythical MU
Attention to all players ofMU private server! If you are in search of a server that offers stability and long-term engagement, we extend a warm invitation to join our flourishing community!
1. Commands
/zen 99999999 - add a specific amount of zen
/evo - Evolve Character Class
/evo 1 - Evolve to higher Class
/clearinv - Clear your inventory (way to delete with expiration gears
/clearmlskills - Reset your skill tree
/combo | /combo1 - Go to stone statue location
/bar - Go to Lorencia Bar when stuck into any map
/addstr | /addene | /addagi | /addvit | /addcmd - Add specific command
/clearpk - Clear PK Status
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Re: Mythical MU Season 6

Postby thevectorcodeuk » 2023 Jul 11, 09:23

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Re: Mythical MU Season 6

Postby rad trans » 2023 Jul 19, 08:39

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Re: Mythical MU Season 6

Postby Welwyneasytaxi » 2023 Jul 27, 09:10

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Re: Mythical MU Season 6

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