ABYSSMU.EU X1000 X100 Season 14 Part I-II

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ABYSSMU.EU X1000 X100 Season 14 Part I-II

Postby abbys12 » 2020 Mar 14, 14:40

x100 (GRAND OPEN ) 2020-04-01

Server information: Abyssmu
Version: Season 14 Part I-II
Experience: 100x (dynamic)
Master Experience: 100x
Drop Rate: 50%
Points Per Level: 5/6/7
Max stats: 32,767
Gens : 50 level
Create Guild :250 level
MU Helper: 1 level
Master level 400/300
Max level 400 / 1, Reset 350,/2reset 360/3reset 370/4reset 380/5reset 390/6reset 400
Vote for Server need to have 10 Reset
Grand Reset 50 reset (500 Wcoins) " /mreset for game
Server features:

Reconnect System
Bot Buffers - Free buffs from NPC
Master Skill Tree
OffTrade - Offline trading
OffLevel - Offline attacking
Official Mu Helper - Official WebZen AutoClicker
Can get Free Coins for voting,grand resets.
Bonus Happy Hour
Socket systems, Harmony options
Monster HP Bar
In-game Cash Shop
And More
Chaos Card
Battle Soccer
Golden Invasion
White Wizard Event
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Castle Siege (every week on Sundays)
Chaos Castle
Kalima Event
Kanturu Event
Raklion Hatchery
Doppelganger Event
Imperial Guardian
Medusa Event
Castle Siege
Loren Deep
And More
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