Soul-MU Season8e3

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Soul-MU Season8e3

Postby Simpson » 2016 Mar 24, 11:20

Server version: Season 8 episode 3

Experience rate: 1000x
Drop rate: 20-50%
Exc. drop rate: 1-15%
Reset level: 400
After reset: Stats keep
Add stats commands: /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcom
Sever is no webshop no donate!!!


Server is online download new client and lestgo play.
Open new server this server never have WIPE!!!!
In this server all events and all quest work perfecly.
Rates in server dont change.
Now max stat is 65000.
For grand reset you give Golden credits for this credits you can buy items from webshop and cash shop in game.
For tokens you can buy items from market and cash shop.
Server have protect from cheaters.Server work perfecly no crash and no bugs.
All stats and golden credist will be returnet. If you want get back stats and golden credits write me in live chat or private facebook chat.
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